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Summer on Long Island is all about enjoying the nice weather and the good company of your friends and family. 

When Spring comes around it’s time to start preparing for these Summer months and your pool will be a big task. You will have to remove, pack and store the cover; install the filtration system and ensure it is working properly; install ladders, stairs, diving boards and other equipment; do an initial pool cleaning – remove all debris from the pool and get the water clarity to be crystal clear; and finally test and administer chemicals.

During the Summer months you will now have to maintain your initial start-up. You will have to clean your pool weekly; test and administer chemicals as needed; fix any defects that arise in your system; and maintain the filters efficiency.

When Fall comes around it will be time to start preparing your pool for the Winter. You will now have to stabilize the water for the long cold months; lower the pool’s water level; winterize all pool lines; winterize, remove and store filtration system; remove and store all other equipment; and finally unpack and cover the pool.

Whether it is Spring, Summer or Fall Schock’s Pool Services, Inc. removes the hassle of having a pool and allows you to simply enjoy what the pool has to offer. Call now to schedule the service or services that you are looking to alleviate yourself from. 

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